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​The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) is an independent, arm’s length agency of the provincial government that provides parents, teachers, and the public with reliable information about student achievement. EQAO also makes recommendations for improvement which educators, parents, policy makers and others in the education community use to improve learning and teaching. The EQAO assessments are based on the expectations outlined in The Ontario Curriculum. These assessments provide quality information on the achievement of students and add to the classroom assessment information teachers gather about individual students during the school year.

For more information about the EQAO Assessments, visit EQAO Using the Results​. The EQAO assessment results should not be used to rank schools. Instead, the results should be used to improve teaching and learning. Ranking schools provides no information about why scores are high or low, and can lead to simple and possibly misleading comparisons that ignore the particular circumstances affecting achievement in each school. Ranking also distracts from addressing the more important issues of how to improve learning for all students.

Administration Dates
Examples of the Assessments​
Primary Division (Grade 3) Assessment Information​
Junior Division (Grade 6) Assessment Information
Grade 9 Mathematics Assessment Information
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test Information 
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